Welcome to Radio Shalom Inter. We broadcast Life, Hope and Love. We are live 24/7 over the internet, on local radio sub-carrier 103.5 FM (SCA) with a large coverage in South Florida, Homestead, Dade, Broward all the way to West Palm Beach FL.

We also broadcast over the phone on AudioNow
(832) 551-5068.

Radio Shalom Inter is a new way to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.
We truly believe that the word of life broadcasted from that station will make a difference in your life.

Be blessed.
Le Réseau Evangélique International
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Radio Shalom Inter
PO.Box 613604, Miami, FL 33261
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The concept of RSI Worldwide is to eliminate the use of a dedicated computer to listen to RSI online. Radio Shalom Worldwide works over WiFi Internet at any location in the world. Whether you are in Africa, Europe, America, and Asia, you can listen to Radio Shalom Inter.